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Service & Support

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In addition to providing you with a wide range of products, we also provide you with technical guidance and services before, during and after sales.

Our technical team provides you with strong and effective technical support anytime and anywhere. This plays a connecting role between the research and development of new products and market demand.


Product supply system

Jinzhou Shengda Chemical Co., Ltd. provides base oil, polyisobutylene, lubricating oil additive series and a variety of chemical intermediates. Can meet your needs for products to the maximum extent!


Product testing service

When we choose our products or have no relevant experience, we can provide you with product testing to ensure product adaptability.


Technical consulting service

For the purpose of solving problems for customers, Jinzhou Shengda Chemical Co., Ltd. strives to carry out technical exchanges with customers in all aspects, share product experience, and make corresponding contributions to improving the technical application level of the industry.


Product development and improvement

Innovation is always a constant theme. It is our task to find the most suitable products for users. We will always focus on product research and development to provide you with the best products and the most satisfactory services.