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Social Responsibility

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Take the road of sustainable development

Energy provides a continuous power for the development and progress of economic society. In the future, energy demand will continue to grow, and fossil energy such as oil, natural gas and coal will still play a major role in energy supply. Meanwhile, renewable energy will develop rapidly and become an important supplement. We are duty bound to take on the glorious mission of safeguarding national energy security, rely on innovation and cooperation, persistently promote the diversification and multi-source of energy, and provide economic, stable and reliable energy security for the sustainable development of economic society.


Safe and reliable production

Safety production is the premise and foundation for the enterprise to realize the long-term development of basic industry

The responsibility for safety is more important than Mount Tai. As a responsible enterprise, safety in production is our duty and goal. We firmly set up the concept of "safety is above everything, life is the most precious", earnestly implement the work requirements of "profit, output, progress, cost" giving way to health, safety and environmental protection ", and strive to build an intrinsically safe enterprise.


Low carbon environmental protection starts from me

Environment is the home of human survival

To protect the environment is to protect ourselves. Environment is the most scarce resource, and ecology is the most precious wealth. We solemnly promise that "every investment in environmental protection is worth a lot of money, every thing that does not conform to environmental protection is not to be done, and every benefit of pollution and damage to the environment is not to be paid." We always implement the whole process of clean management from production to consumption, strive to be the leader of green and low-carbon, the promoter of ecological civilization and the builder of beautiful China, and make contributions to the realization of "green mountains, beautiful waters, green land and blue sky" of the motherland.