Detergent (TBN Booster)

Detergent is one of the five lubricant additives  

The basic structure of the detergent consists of oil soluble part, hydrophilic part and polar group part.  The oil solubility part decreases the molecular polarity with the extension of the hydrocarbon chain, leading to the decrease of the cleanliness, but if the oil solubility increases, the corresponding increase of its dispersion.  The hydrophilic groups are metal calcium, magnesium, sodium and barium.  The linked groups are sulfonic acid group, phenolic carboxyl group, salicylic acid group, thiophosphate group and so on. The strong polar groups have good cleanliness, but their polarization performance is poor and not susceptible to the influence of other polar substances in the oil. Although they have water resistance and emulsification resistance, their solubilization dispersion is poor.  Therefore, detergent is a typical surfactant.  

The role of detergent has acid neutralization, washing, dispersing, solubilizing.  

The variety of cleaning agent is specifically divided into sulfonate, alkyl phenol salt, sulfurized alkyl phenol salt, thiophosphate, alkyl calcium salicylate and other varieties.  

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