High Active Polyisobutene suppliers will introduce to you: the application of low molecular weight polyisobutene in lubricating oil

High Active Polyisobutene suppliers will introduce to you: the application of low molecular weight polyisobutene in lubricating oil.
(1) Application in four-stroke engine oil
In earlier four-stroke internal combustion engine oil formulations, low-molecular polyisobutylene was considered as a tackifier, but because of its poor low-temperature performance, it is mainly limited to single-grade oils and multi-grade oils that do not require high low-temperature performance (such as SAE40, 20W/50, etc.). With the development of Group III base oils, the supply of high-viscosity base oils (such as 150BS) will become increasingly tight. As the most economical and practical substitute for 150BS, polyisobutylene will be re-evaluated for its role in internal combustion engine oils. Considering economy and performance, the general recommendations are as follows:

High Active Polyisobutene suppliers
Single grade oil: lower viscosity base oil +1300/2400;
20W/50: lower viscosity base oil +1300/2400;
Here, polyisobutylene is not only a viscosity index improver, but also can effectively increase the oil film strength of the product. The use of 1300/2400 can reduce the amount of OCP and improve the shear stability of the oil. However, low molecular weight polyisobutylene is not recommended for multi-grade oils with more stringent low-temperature performance requirements.
(2) Application in two-stroke engine oil
High Active Polyisobutene suppliers tell you: the two-stroke engine has a unique lubrication method, and low-molecular-weight polyisobutene formulations need to be widely used to protect the environment and the locomotive itself. Generally, low-molecular polyisobutylene with a molecular weight of about 950 is used in the formula, which has good lubricant and smoke suppression effects.

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