Characteristics of Vehicle Gear Oil Additives

The development trend of gear oil is low viscosity, multi-stage and long life. In order to save energy and reduce fuel consumption, low-viscosity gear oil and large-span multi-grade oil are selected abroad. In order to improve the quality of gear oil and prolong the oil change period, in addition to improving the refining degree of the base oil, sulfur-phosphorus type extreme pressure agents mainly based on sulfurized olefins are widely used, which are more efficient than sulfur-phosphorus-chlorine-zinc type extreme pressure agents. It has good thermal oxidation safety, anti-wear extreme pressure and anti-corrosion properties, so it is suitable for use in more severe working conditions and can prolong the service life.

Wholesale Vehicle gear oil additive

At present, some foreign companies that produce gear oil additives mostly provide compound additives, and the additives are often multi-purpose, that is, by changing the amount of compound additives, high-quality industrial gear oil and vehicle gear oil can be prepared separately. The compound additives used are as follows Some advantages: (1) The additive performance is stable, which can simplify the blending operation and reduce the blending error; (2) It is convenient to store, which can avoid storing many kinds of single-function additives and save costs; (3) For manufacturers, several A variety of additives are sold together, which is convenient for transportation management.

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