Uses of lubricant additives

The concept of lubricating oil additives is to add one or several compounds to the lubricant to obtain a new characteristic of the lubricant or to improve some of the existing characteristics of the lubricant.

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Before the 1980s, the additive raw materials for blending lubricating oils in my country were basically single agents, that is, according to the quality requirements of the oil to be adjusted, a base oil of a certain nature was selected and some additives that could improve the characteristics of a certain oil were added. . Due to the low quality grade of lubricating oil and the relatively simple requirements for oil performance evaluation, the blending technology of single-agent raw materials is widely used. However, in the past ten years, the number of imported automobiles and automobiles produced by imported technology has increased significantly, and the quality requirements for internal combustion engine oil have become higher and higher. The use of single-agent raw material technology to blend oil products is not only troublesome in terms of technology, but also in terms of formula evaluation. The difficulty is also great, and it is difficult for most lubricating oil blending plants to do it. Therefore, some manufacturers produce compound additives on the basis of bench evaluation. This compound agent has various functions required by refined oil. As long as an appropriate dose is added to the base oil of the specified nature, the oil of a certain quality level can be produced. Taste. The production process of blending lubricating oil with the compound agent as raw material is simple, the operation is convenient, the production cycle is short, and the economy is good.

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