Some Effects of Cheapest PIBSA

PIBSA, PIB Succinic Anhydride, referred to as PIBSA. Please note that at this time it is actually an anhydride. The full name of Cheapest PIBSA should be called polyisobutylene succinic anhydride, also known as polyisobutylene succinic anhydride, and some people are used to calling it alkene anhydride.
What are its functions?

Cheapest PIBSA
1. This thing directly reacts with our polyene polyamine to obtain a lubricating oil dispersant, that is, PIBSI. Everyone is familiar with this thing. It is a succinimide-based ashless dispersant that everyone uses every day. .
2. This thing reacts with a metal base and acts as an emulsifier directly. Because the acid anhydride is polar and can be dissolved in water, and PIB is non-polar and can be dissolved in oil, but it is actually an ionic emulsifier, so it has the advantages and disadvantages of ionic emulsifiers.
3. React with polyene polyamines to obtain the main functional agent of gasoline detergent, yes. It is the familiar X oil treasure and the like. But this type has been gradually phased out, and it is closer to PIBA, which is polyisobutylamine, and they kicked out MA. Of course, there are many other types of gasoline detergents, which are not the focus of this chapter.
The above is some little knowledge about Cheapest PIBSA, do you understand it now?

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