Application of Cheapest High Active Polyisobutene in Lubricants

Cheapest High Active Polyisobutene is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic viscous liquid or semi-solid substance, which has the properties of heat resistance, oxygen resistance, ultraviolet resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other chemicals. It is widely used in the fields of petroleum additives, carrier agents, adhesives, and blending with other high polymers. For the field of lubricating oil and its additives, low molecular weight polyisobutylene (referred to as PB, PIB) is mainly used. Common molecular weights are 950, 1300, 2400 (molecular weight is used to replace polyisobutylene in this article). The application in the field of lubricating oil and its additives is briefly introduced.

Cheapest High Active Polyisobutene
Application in metal processing oil
Low molecular weight polyisobutylene is widely used in metal processing. For example, 1300 and 2400 can be used in quenching oil as a cooling agent and brightener. 1300/2400 can also reduce smoke when used in cutting oil. The use of low-molecular polyisobutylene in non-ferrous metal drawing can reduce deposits and eliminate subsequent cleaning processes.
Application in Grease
The use of low molecular weight Cheapest High Active Polyisobutene in grease can improve the adhesion performance of the oil, such as the large gear grease of the ball mill in the mine.

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