Properties and uses of benzotriazole fatty amine salts

Benzotriazole fatty amine salt is white to light brown needle-like crystalline powder. It gradually turns red in the air due to oxidation. Soluble in methanol, acetone, cyclohexane, ether, etc., insoluble in water and petroleum solvents. The aqueous solution is weakly acidic, with a pH value of 5.5 to 6.5. In case of open flame and high heat, it is flammable. Benzotriazole fatty amine salts are decomposed by high heat and emit toxic fumes.

Benzotriazole Fatty Amine Salt

Benzotriazole fatty amine salt is used in anti-rust oil (grease) products, mostly used as gas phase corrosion inhibitor for copper and copper alloys, circulating water treatment agent, automobile antifreeze, photographic antifogging agent, polymer stabilizer, plant growth regulators, lubricant additives, UV absorbers, etc. Benzenetriazole fatty amine salt can also be used in conjunction with a variety of scale inhibitors, bactericidal and algaecides.
Benzotriazole fatty amine salts are usually prepared by o-phenylenediamine diazotization method. The o-phenylenediamine is diazotized, then cyclized in acetic acid to obtain crude benzotriazole, purified by recrystallization, and dried in vacuum to obtain purer benzotriazole.

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