Tips and Precautions for Selecting Quenching Oil Additives

Several important factors to consider when selecting quench oil additives:

Quenching Oil Additive manufacturers
1. Part material: chemical composition and hardenability 2. Part loading: fixture, part restraint, loading basket, spacing of parts; 3. Part geometry and quality: thin-walled parts, thick-walled parts, section size changes Larger parts; 4. Deformation characteristics of parts (as a function of loading); 5. Stress state of pre-processing (manufacturing); 6. Type of quenching oil: characteristics, cooling curve data; 7. Speed ​​of quenching oil: fast , medium speed, slow speed, or (Ms metamorphosis point) graded quenching; 8. Quenching oil temperature and maximum heating rate; 9. Stirring of quenching liquid: mixer (fixed speed or variable speed) or cooling pump; 10. Effectiveness of quenching tank volume;
Precautions for use
When adding oil, check carefully, such as whether the label on the package is correct and whether it is within the effective shelf life. If any abnormality (such as color, smell, etc.) is found during the refueling process, stop refueling immediately and contact the supplier in time. During the refueling process, be careful not to mix other oils or substances, and make a record of the addition; the addition of new oil cannot be directly in place at one time, and the volume expansion during subsequent heating must be considered.

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