Features of Sulfurized Olefin Cottonseed Oil

1. Class I oils that are soluble in more than 90% have slightly poor compatibility with Class II and Class III hydrogenated oils (the deeper the vulcanization degree, the worse the compatibility with the base oil; the deeper the refining degree of the base oil, the The compatibility with extreme pressure anti-wear agent is also worse), it is recommended to do compatibility test before use;

good price and quality Sulfurized Olefin Cottonseed Oil

2. It cannot be used with antioxidants such as T202 (thion butyl octyl zinc salt) and T203 (thion bis-octyl alkaline zinc salt), otherwise it will decompose the sulfur agent as peroxide; and Zinc in T202 and T203 has strong hydrophilicity, which affects the quality and life of oil products, so it is not recommended to use it.
1. The active sulfur content is less than 1%. When used as the main agent, there is no need to add non-ferrous metal passivators during use; it is suitable for blending low-speed, medium-load, light-load oil products; if combined with sulfurized fatty acid esters at low speed, It works well under medium speed conditions.
2. According to a large number of Yida Borun's four-ball data, Sulfurized Olefin Cottonseed Oil is superior to traditional similar products in extreme pressure and anti-wear, and can greatly reduce the procurement cost of enterprises without reducing the processing efficiency.

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