Sulfurized Olefin Cottonseed Oil tells you the selection and application of vulcanized additives

At present, the commonly used extreme pressure and antiwear agents mainly include: sulfur series extreme pressure agent, phosphorus series extreme pressure agent, chlorine series extreme pressure agent, organic metal salt extreme pressure agent, etc. In tribochemical reactions, sulfides generate metal sulfides, phosphides generate metal phosphides, and chlorides generate metal chlorides, which produce important lubricating effects within their respective melting point ranges. Traditional sulfides (such as T-405) start to react at around 600°C, and the chemical reaction film fails when the temperature reaches 1197°C. This article expands on the description of extreme pressure antiwear agents.

Best Sulfurized Olefin Cottonseed Oil

1. The use of sulfur-based extreme pressure antiwear agents
    Following the prototype of a simple extreme pressure antiwear agent that dissolves sulfur in mineral oil, several types of products have been gradually developed. Here we briefly introduce:
    1) Sulfurized olefins: one is sulfurized isobutylene, which has light color, good oil solubility and good extreme pressure properties. It is widely used in various gear oils, hydraulic oils, and lubricating greases, but its anti-wear properties are not good, and the odor is strong. Copper corrosion is high and is rarely used in metalworking fluids; the other is vulcanized long-chain alkyl olefins with a sulfur content of 10%-20%.
    2) Natural fats and esters: Natural fats have good lubricity. After vulcanization, the viscosity of the oil increases, the fiber structure changes, and it shows good wear resistance; after the natural fat is esterified, it makes oil-soluble and anti-wear properties. Both increased and the sulfur content was increased. Therefore, the two products have very good application prospects.

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