Quenching oil classification

ordinary quenching oil

Generally, various mineral oils (such as oil for total loss system) are used as quenching medium. The biggest advantage of oil as a quenching medium is that compared with water, during the quenching and cooling process, it can enter the convection stage with a slower cooling rate at a higher temperature, which is beneficial to reduce the quenching deformation and cracking tendency of the workpiece.

Wholesale Quenching Oil Additive
High speed quenching oil
High-speed quenching oil refers to those quenching oils whose cooling rate is increased in the high temperature region. There are two basic ways to obtain high-speed quenching oil:
(1) Reasonably select different types and different viscosities of mineral oils, and mix them with each other in an appropriate ratio to obtain high-speed quenching oil.
(2) Add additives to ordinary quenching oil to obtain high-speed quenching oil.
Bright Quenching Oil
Bright quenching oil is a kind of quenching oil that can keep the surface of quenched workpiece bright under controlled atmosphere. It is prepared by adding different polymer additives (such as brighteners, antioxidants, etc.) to mineral oil. The use temperature of bright quenching oil is 20 ~ 80 ℃. It is strictly forbidden to mix water and other oils into the oil. Bright quenching oil is suitable for quenching and cooling of steel parts after heating in a controlled atmosphere.
Vacuum Quenching Oil
Vacuum quenching oil is prepared from ordinary quenching oil after a series of treatments such as vacuum distillation and vacuum degassing, and then adding refrigerant, brightening agent and antioxidant. It is suitable for quenching and cooling of bearing steel, tool and die steel, structural steel and alloy carburized steel.

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