What are the requirements of emulsified oil for base oil

1. The base oil is mainly easy to emulsify, so the base oil is mainly naphthenic and paraffinic. However, the current yield of cycloalkyl is too small to be obtained.
2. It is also a paraffin-based base oil. The smaller the viscosity, the easier it is to emulsify. Therefore, the base oil generally selected is a low-viscosity mechanical oil, and non-standard oil is easier to emulsify. At the same time, we found that the easier the emulsification of the oil, the easier it is to show oxidation, so pay attention.

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3. The stability of the emulsified oil should also be considered. If the pour point is relatively high in the winter season, it will be difficult to emulsify and pour out.
Emulsified oil is a small oil particle that exists in a stable state (not floating, not agglomerating), with a particle size of about 0.5 to 25 μm. It is a light brown to dark brown liquid or semi-solid, which belongs to a class of metal cutting oils. The main function is cooling, and the lubrication is secondary. It is used for rough metal processing such as turning, sawing, drilling, grinding, etc.

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