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Jinzhou SNDA Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional lubricant additive manufacturer and supplier. We are committed to providing customers with professional, high-quality and perfect lubrication solutions.

Established under the scientific and rigorous technical cooperation system, we have a professional technical research and development center, advanced production process equipment, comprehensive product performance test center, to ensure stronger product adaptability and make your lubrication system more superior. Our products mainly include various series of engine oil additives, gear oil additives, anti-wear hydraulic oil additives, industrial oil additives, metal processing additives, base oil, explosive emulsifiers, etc. Widely used in lubrication, textile, mechanical processing, emulsion explosive production and other fields.


In addition to providing you with a wide range of products, we also provide you with technical guidance and services before, during and after sales.

Product supply

The products provided by Jinzhou Shengda Chemical Co., Ltd. include base oil, polyisobutylene and lubricating oil

Testing service

When we choose our products or have no relevant experience, we can provide you with product testing

Technical guidance

For the purpose of solving problems for customers, Jinzhou Shengda Chemical Co., Ltd. strives to work with customers

Product Development

Innovation is always a constant theme. It is our task to find the most suitable products for users

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